Heaven and Hell - Upcoming Double Album

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Heaven and Hell - Upcoming Double Album

Post by Ashasx »

Sum 41 to Return to Their Pop-Punk Roots on Upcoming Double Album ‘Heaven and Hell’

Deryck Whibley says the release will feature half “feel-good” sounds harking back to the band’s early days and half aggressive metal
https://www.rollingstone.com/music/musi ... y-1324752/

Click to view the fullsize image.http://i.imgur.com/j66kxPc.png[/imgwidth]
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Post by Max »

Excited for this! So happy to hear there are some old school pop punk tunes on the way.
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Re: Heaven and Hell - Upcoming Double Album

Post by Andros »

Damn, can't wait for hear new music, want to know release date, snippets or something soon
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Does 'Double Album' mean they will release it in 2 parts (like 1 year between them) or will it be a longer one or a 'regular' 10-15 track album which feel like two different ones?
Whatever the case, I'm really interested in the pop-punk bunch. I like their metal side, but after two really hard sound albums, I feel it'd time for something different (even if it means coming back to the roots). Pop-punk era is kinda coming back nowadays, so I'm hyped for what one of the best band of this genre can bring to the table. B)
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