Survival of the Skumfuks

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Survival of the Skumfuks

Post by sprinks41 »

Hello my Skumfuk family!

2020 was crazy to say the very least and unfortunately we're still dealing with Covid in 2021 so I thought I'd check in.

How's everyone doing? Staying healthy and safe? I wish you and your loved ones all the best! Hopefully the Sums drop something special for us real soon!

I'm not one to use hashtags but #FuckCovid!
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Re: Survival of the Skumfuks

Post by dirk »

i'm infected by the virus,

no smell, no taste, headache, tired, stomache and a lot of pain in my throat for a month

hope everyone is doing well!
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Post by HugoDisasters »

Doing good, let's get this sh*t overwith so we can enjoy some damn shows soon!

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Post by Stef »

I've got sick around September, but both of my tests came in negative.. I had all the conditions (no taste, headache, throat ache, shortness of breath,..) in October I had a blood test for anti bodies and I had the highest the doctor had seen haha.

On the 30th November I ripped my meniscus of my left knee and was home for 2 months. I'm a police officer so I had to keep working and it was a good period of to refresh my mind and body.

I'm still waiting (no pun intended) for the vaccin and I will get it in April..

Keep safe, stay safe, and get vaccinated! Also, ROCK! It's what we are all about!!

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Post by gejmik »

Wow can't believe how few posts have appeared in last year. It's really a strange time. Sum 41 should get on tour soon to inject some life in here :D
However I hope everyone is good, vaccinated, rocking some tunes, creating some tunes, dealing with this shitty situation in the best way possible.
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Re: Survival of the Skumfuks

Post by Max »

Thought I'd check in and see what's going down on the forums.

Had my booster yesterday, felt great when I woke up, now I feel like shit but if it prevents me from getting a bad case of covid then who cares.

Stay safe all.
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Re: Survival of the Skumfuks

Post by Andros »

Yo guys, I'm still alive, I hope you guys are safe and good
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