Sum 41 featured in a Disney+ film Clouds (2020)

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Sum 41 featured in a Disney+ film Clouds (2020)

Post by TomiT14 »

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Start off the year the right way! I just watched Clouds on Disney+, and damn was that a ride!

Clouds is based on a true story of Zach Sobiech, terminally ill young songwriter. After watching the movie, I went online to learn more about Zach, who turns out was a fan of Sum 41, naming ”Crash” as one of his favorite songs.

As a Skumfuk, I’m so proud of our boys being featured in a major scene in such a strong and beautiful story. Check out the full scene behind the link, or better yet, enjoy this remarkable film on Disney+!

Disclaimer: This movie was released in 2020, so not everything sucked last year!

P.S. How did we not know about this?
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Post by Andros »

Amazing! I have a question, the band will make something special for the 10 years of the wonderful Screaming Bloody Murder? I wish they can release some demos from the songs or the all-mighty "Belive". but something special for the 10th anniversary of the album, is my favorite album.
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Post by LTS »

That’s awesome!
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