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Haven't posted any of my songs here in a while but I decided to post this one because it's very personal. It is my most recent song about something extremely difficult that I went through.

Verse 1
When did I die?
My life didn't even start
I turned a blind eye
It wasn't supposed to be this hard
Something lurking in the darkness
It knew my mind was stranded
I never made a death wish
But somehow it was granted

There's nothing more nauseating
Than when your mind starts disintegrating

The future in the mirror's so far away
Basket case
All over the place
There's no mercy as the demons play

Verse 2
Why am I so hated?
I've never been so bitter
Lost and medicated
No one's at the end of my finger
Last month is tomorrow
I can't remember next week
Abducted by my own shadow
So far from where I thought I'd be

Blindly thinking of a silent vision
I need the key to get out of this prison


Demons rape the light
Desperately I fight
Surrendering control is so hard to resist
Repeating my confession
Between insanity and obsession
There is a line that no longer exists

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Re: Mercy

Post by Iam The Ghost »

Sometimes I like to play songs in my head and change words, phrases in the mood that I feel that time. Usually, the same things come to my mind in every songs so they're plain and boring. :devious:

Well, I feel the same in your lyrics, I've heard these words and phrases so many times, it doesn't get me at all. That's when the instrumental music comes in, it can lift the whole thing to a new level.

(Btw, that's what I really miss in 13 Voices... the music is good, but lyrically they brought nothing new at all, which is sad considering the fact how personal the album is.)
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