[Everyone Read] In Regards to the Deryck Whibley Thread

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[Everyone Read] In Regards to the Deryck Whibley Thread

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To everyone posting in the Deryck Whibley thread over here: http://theresnosolution.com/en/viewtopi ... 59&t=15339

I have seen a few people that keep re-posting the same message over and over again. As you may have notice the duplicate messages have been (or will be) deleted. We ask that you do not copy and paste you original message in a new reply. Further attempts to do so will be deleted and repeat offenders will be warned and if so pointed to this message.

Deryck is a busy person and was nice enough to take time out to join up here, please respect this fact. We all wish Deryck to reply to every question but it just isn't possible please understand this.
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