The History of Sum 41

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The History of Sum 41

Post by TomiT14 »

I thought this deserves its own thread. Both Alternative Press and Exclaim did a story about Sum 41's history. You can read Exclaim's story behind the link, but note that it has some mistakes, I'll try to fix them here. But the main timeline is interesting to read, especially for those who have become fans later on. :happy:

Exclaim: "Sum 41 Survive Teen Stardom, Substance Abuse and Changing Tastes to Rise Again on 'Out for Blood'"

The Exclaim's mistakes

- Kaspir was not a NOFX cover band, but their songs were heavily influenced by NOFX.
- Richard Roy wasn't the original member, Grant McVittie was. The band had multiple bassists before Roy joined the band. He was the longest staying bassist before Cone, though.
- This is the first time I hear that Sum 41 was formed after they attended a Hope concert. Every other instance has said it was the Warped 1996, so you can be the judge.
- Greig Nori was listed on majority of the songs as a writer. That has since been fixed. Not sure if it's up to me to share the story, but to sum up, Nori didn't write as much as he claims. Then again there's two sides of the story, believe who you want.
- No Brains is not about Jon Marshall, and they didn't have a falling out. The song is about Nori, but since he was still with the band, Deryck had to lie ("This song is about our former singer") who it was about.
- Again, two sides of a story, but Deryck has said that he got the idea for All To Blame riff from Lose Yourself by Eminem. Not sure how Ben Cook could've written the riff at the same time.
- Never heard of Lee Fairlee before. The drummer of Brown Brigade was Johnny Owens.
- The SBM tour ended in April 2013, not March. Stevo left the band only a few days after the tour.
- The DTLI 15th tour took place in 2018, not 2017.
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Post by The Farty One »

Think their relationship with Greig Nori is very interesting cause their recording process changed so much and Deryck starting producing all the albums himself IIRC.

Also weird that they were apparently at odds with him already when writing DTLI cause IIRC he was around for the Chuck era?
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Post by Boni »

Sad there wasn't a mention of Steveo leaving.
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