TNS Interview: Frank Zummo

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TNS Interview: Frank Zummo

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As the voting for APMAs is closing tonight, we shot some quick questions for Frank to answer. But before (and during, and after) reading the answers, go give your vote* for Frank and The Sums at!

*Use Google Chrome's Incognito mode to vote as many times as you want.

So, here's our chat:

1. Congrats for being nominated at the Alternative Press Music Awards! What does this nomination mean to you?
Thank you! It's such an honor, as I played my first show with Sum on that stage 2 years ago. To be coming back with 3 nominations and to be performing for this special "Drum Moment" is insane!

2. You're also performing at the APMAs. What can we expect from that?
We start rehearsals soon and we are going to pack as much as we can into 5 minutes and we are going all out!

3. You've been involved in a lot of different projects. How does your playing style vary between Sum 41, Krewella, Street Drum Corps and others? Or does it vary at all?
My 3 groups do really suit my style and playing, so I pretty much keep it the same for all 3 groups.

--On tour--

4. You've been touring with the Sums for 2 years now. What has been the highlight so far? Any specific shows, cities?
The whole thing has been such a overall highlight. The past European Festival run was the biggest and best shows that I have ever played at!

5. With your connections to Chester Bennington, did you play a part in getting Sum 41 to open for Linkin Park in Amsterdam?
Yeah, Chester & LP have been dear friends for many years. I saw they announced the Amsterdam show and I called Chester about us playing and he and the band we're into it. That was an amazing show!

6. How do you prepare for the shows? We've seen you running at a race track and having a rehearsal kit in your dressing room. Are those something you do before every show?
I have a 2hr routine before the show that includes: icing, working out, stretching and practicing.

7. Ever since your son was born, you've been touring a lot. Do you ever feel homesick, and if you do, how do you keep yourself focused and motivated on tour?
It's been the greatest motivation and he does come out to visit on tour and we FaceTime daily.

8. How do you like to spend your days off on tour? Do you go sightseeing, or would you prefer relaxing at the hotel?
I generally lay low, rest and workout. I'll go exploring sometimes as well and try to find some great local coffee shops.

--Sum 41--

9. Have you noticed any difference in the fans' attitude towards you now that you've been a member of the band for quite a while compared to when you started?
They honestly have been amazing since day 1 and so supportive!

10. What's your favorite Sum 41 song to play live?
I really loved playing "A Murder Of Crows" on the 9 week Euro Run!

11. When you started in Sum 41, you had to learn almost the full catalog of their songs. Was there a song that was more challenging to learn than others?
It was all challenging due to learning the entire catalog and also learning the live versions.

12. The band has really stepped up their game production wise. Which element of the live show is your favorite one?
I love Bonsey!

13. Before you joined the band, the band rarely used any tracks or drum machines / digital drums live. Did you play a big part in adding those instruments to the live setup?
Yes, I really wanted to bring in that element and fire sounds from the records live.

14. How did you feel about singing parts of Fat Lip live for the first time? Have you done any vocals live before with your other projects?
I've yelled and rapped in bands before, so it was comfortable and my old cover band in high school use to play "Fay Lip"

15. A lot of the drums on 13 Voices sound completely different compared to anything Sum 41 has ever done before. How much input did you have on writing those drum tracks and finding the right sound?
Deryck and I worked for a very long time getting all those drum parts worked out.

16. How do you build your Sum 41 drum set? Do you have full control, or does Deryck or your sponsors have a say?
I will have a vision and bring it to SJC Drums & we also brought artist Shepard Fairey into the mix and it's been great!


17. What do you do when you're not on tour? I guess all your projects keep you busy? Is it hard to find time to spend with your family, or are you having a good balance?
Family 100%! I've also been working on my house a bunch.

18. You have your own clothing line, Zummo X. Tell us about that. What gave you an idea/inspiration for it?
My buddy Eli James started Ghost Circus and he's a drummer and wanted to create clothes that were comfortable but looked amazing. I took notice and jumped onboard and then we decided to do a collaboration together and it's been really fun. We now have a kids line of shirts as well.


We thank Frank for doing this, and we hope* for the best at the APMAs!

*Go vote!
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Re: TNS Interview: Frank Zummo

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Nice interview

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