What's your favorite new song so far?

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The best song from Order In Decline so far

Out For Blood
A Death In The Family
Never There
45 (A Matter Of Time)
No votes
The People Vs...
Total votes: 13

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What's your favorite new song so far?

Post by TomiT14 »

A POLL! First time in ages! :ohshiz:

Out of the 5 songs we've heard so far, what is your favorite?

I haven't listened to 45 yet, but out of the four I've already listened to, it's very hard to decide between Death In The Family, Never There and People Vs.

Never There is such a beautiful song with vocals that sound different from what we've used to. Same with the chorus of ADITF, which gives great variety to heavy and aggressive verses. People Vs is super catchy, and a classic fast-paced Sum 41 song.

But if I had to choose, I'd vote for ADITF for now.
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Post by Andros »

For me is The People Vs I really love that song!
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Re: What's your favorite new song so far?

Post by Iam The Ghost »

It's hard, I liked Never There instantly, its melody is beautiful, but I feel it won't be a classic slow song such as Pieces or Some Say (I'm so glad they play live the latter one, I've fallen in love with that song again). And I just can't relate to its lyrics.
I actually like 45 (A Matter of Time) too, but doesn't feel special, feels like a filler, like they put together from other songs' pieces.
A Death in the Family sounds more interesting, just doesn't click with me.
As I said before, I don't like Out for Blood.
I wouldn't really judge The People Vs., we haven't heard a clean version yet, sounds cool, but also feels like a filler, I'm not sure I would come back for it if I'm not going through the album or their whole discography (which I will, ofc).

Probably an unpopular opinion here, but so far I'm not glad with the album. I will definitely listen to it many times, but I just don't like their sounds, their vibe. Fortunately, there are 5 more songs waiting for us, so fingers crossed to find some gems. :happy: Until then, my vote is for Never There.
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Post by pbueddi »

Haven't really heard The People Vs. yet. Love all of the other songs though. I went with Never There.
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Post by The Farty One »

A Death In The Family

While I like the new tracks, I already have the feeling I won't love to listen to them over and over and over again like with Chuck and SBM. I was super excited when 13 Voices came out but I haven't listened to it as much since and I think a very similar thing will happen with OID.
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Post by Sju »

I haven't heard People vs... and 45 yet. Voted Never There because that's the only one I had on repeat for an hour the night it came out...and then for days. I love when Deryck gets this personal.
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Post by jacobbadillo41 »

I really love Never There it is an AweSUM song which bring me so many feelings and memories, and the second place would be 45 because it sound like SBM days and in my opinion SBM is the best record that Sum 41 will do ever.
This new record seems to be a great work, so effective for old school fans and for new people who are obviously welcome!
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Post by dff_punk »

I haven't heard 45 because I think 6 new songs at once is better than 5 new songs at once :D
As for the songs, I love them all, but I voted for The People Vs., since fast punkrock is where my heart is and I missed that from The Sums :)
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