Sum 41 France - Cone & Dave Interview - March 2017

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Sum 41 France - Cone & Dave Interview - March 2017

Post by 182sins »

Hey Folks,

We had the chance to interview Cone & Dave in Lille.

A big thank you to Cone, Dave and Hopeless Records for this great moment !

Here are the questions that were asked during this interview, and the video that goes along with it. We'll definitely nail the English part next time !

Enjoy :winkwink:

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- How are you feeling now that the tour is almost over ? 

- What are your plans this year ?

- Has this tour inspired you for future songs ? 

- What are your impressions now that everybody has listened to 13 Voices and that you've toured to promote it ?

- You have announced a live DVD for this tour. Thank you for choosing the french fans to represent you. Do you have any idea when it might come out ?

- We imagine a live album will come with the DVD. If so, do you plan on releasing previously unheard songs or something like that ?

- Is there any chance of having a making of 13 Voices on the DVD ? We haven’t had any content like that since SBM. It’s something the fans are really eager to see

- We are living in a really crazy world right now. What are your opinions on that ?

- Does that inspire you musically ?

- You now have a label that cares about you. How has it changed your work life ?

- Of all those 42 shows, is there one in particular that was more "special" ?

- When will we get to hear the studio version of the song with DMC ?

- Do you guys plan on releasing a biography or something like that in the future ?

- Any news about the legendary song Believe ? 
And here's the link to the video:
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Post by sprinks41 »

Thank you very much for this! It answered a lot of questions I've had since 13 Voices came out!
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Post by Sju »

I'll die if they really do another European leg on this tour :ohshiz:
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