Deryck's interview (Sum 41 France - April 2013)

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Deryck's interview (Sum 41 France - April 2013)

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Hi guys,

Amin and I got a chance to send some questions to Deryck by email, and he was kind enough to answer them.

I hope you'll have as much fun as I had reading it. Enjoy !

And thanks again D !

1) First of all, how do you feel ? How is your health ?
Pretty good. I think my back injury thing has blown out proportion this time. It hurts, don't get me wrong. But i didn't let it get to putting me in wheel chair this time. I pushed myself a little too far with touring on this album. Mainly because i love performing for our fans so much. But 3 years on the road for SBM was a bit too long. And now i have to pay the price.

2) Today we can see that you decided to get back to communicating with your fans. Why such a change ? (We remember that in 2009 you were regularly posting updates of SBM)
Well i've always liked staying in touch and talking with our fans. But i just don't really have that much time on tour. Now that i'm home for the next 2 years, i have the time to stay in contact. I won't be able too respond to everyone all the time because i get quit a few messages. And i can't keep it up everyday but i like to talk as much as possible.

3) Can you tell us about the future of Sum 41 ? What are your plans knowing that you don't have any label or drummer anymore ?
Well that just means that the options are endless. It's actually a really exciting thing. I look forward to the future and figuring out what we're going to do. At the end of the day it all comes down to the songs. The music will dictate what is supposed to happen. The music business changes every 6 months so i don't know what will be happening in a few years from now when i'm ready to put out a new record. I just roll with the punches and figure it out as i go.

4) Was Stevo's departure already planned before you cancelled the last shows ?
Not that i knew of. He may have been thinking of it already. I'm not sure. I think we were all pretty tired and burnt out by the end of this tour. Or at least i know i was and still am. Touring can be tough after awhile.

5) How did you react when he announced it ?
I love stevo dearly. And respect him and his decision. He's the best drummer i've ever played with. But i was not that surprised. I wish him all the best.

6) Can you tell us why he left ?
You would have to ask him. I won't speak on anyone's behalf. All i can say is, in life nothing stays the same forever. Even if it's unfortunate. Things change people grow. Different responsibilities and goals become a factor in your decision making. At the end of the day you have to do what is best for you in your heart.

7) You recently said that you've got some riff ideas. Can you tell us more about it ? Which style are these riffs tending to sound like ?
It's too early to tell. I just have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head. Nothing completed yet. And it won't be for awhile. I predict maybe 2 years or so before there would be a new album.

8) Deryck on myspace, Deryck on facebook. When will we see Deryck on twitter ?
I don't know. Twitter isn't really my thing. Maybe one day. I'll probably get on it as it's on it's way down. And i'll be way too late. Haha

9) Will Matt Whibley come back one day as band manager ?
Well matt and i will always be working together in some way. He still lives with me and is doing extremely well in law school. Maybe he will become part of my law team. The options are endless. But we be working together in the future.

10) In France, there's very little promotion about you but every time you come, shows are Sold Out. How do you explain that ?
That's true. It's because we have the greatest fans i could ever ask for. I never expected that this would happen. But we've been very lucky. We've always just tried our best at everything we do. And it appears that a lot of peole like it. I remember the first time in france. We came to play 1 tiny show at the bull noir and to meet the french record company. The show was hot and crazy. I also remember the record company people telling us that they loved the show but don't expect to have much success in france because it was a very tough country for north american bands to be popular. So i never expected anything and here we are to this day selling out big venues every time we come back. I guess we showed them.

11) You know, this period reminds me of the time when Dave and Greig left. Today you have no drummer nor label. Will you come back changed, like when you released Underclass Hero ?
I don't quit know how to anser that properly. I can't say where my mind will be at in a few years. All i can say is i'm not worried. I'm very excited for the future.

12) We were told that you made an Acoustic version of Blood In My Eyes. Did you think about releasing it, to show your fans that you're not done, and that the SBM Chapter is closing ?
You will be hearing that song a lot sooner than you think.

13) Can tell us about the song Believe, that draw a lot of attention (a petition was created to be able to hear it one day)
That song is not finished yet. "believe" has been a fucking pain in the ass for me. I wrote the first little bit of it, which is what you've heard online, but for some reason i can't seem to write anything else that works with it. I'm sure i will come up with something eventually but every time i try to write a chorus for it never works right. That happens a lot though. I wrote the riff for sick of everyone in 2003 when i was writing songs for chuck. I wasn't able to turn it into anything back then but suddenly i was able to use it on SBM.

14) Tell us about your website that is coming. Will it still be about Sum 41 or will it be about something totally different ? Can you tell us when it will be ready ?
Hopefully it wil be ready this week. It will be another place that i will be able to talk to fans as well. Along with posting blogs and photos etc. And when it's time possibly new musical ideas. That's where you will be able to hear blood in my eyes acoustic!

15) Do you have something to say to all your french fans who are reading our website ?
Yes. It's been a great last 12 years of performing in france and i don't intend to stop now. Thanks to all of our fans and i look forward to always coming back to perform. Thank you.
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Deryck's interview (Sum 41 France - April 2013)

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