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Roger willemsen

Post by Neverwakeup »

I watched a tv show yesterday and got curious to read the new book of roger willemsem.
sorry its only in german and so only for people who can and want to speak german without californian accent. :hehe:
Probably can only people understand and laugh about this book who do not hack other peoples computer. :)
short summary: this german tv moderator is writing about his youth and his experience he made with sex, for example his first sex with an english au pair-student. (so translated for you all: if you cant get a girl in germany, you have to fuck the english au-pair-students - you know, because they are too dumb to realize that you just want sex with them :) )


the other book I would recommend is:

wetlands - a book about the primary gender of a woman written by a woman. but just a warning: its very discusting, its like you would made posts about jewish dicks in here :)


please, no gender change!

x-treme BILLY SPLEEN forever!!!!
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